The Elementary School

The school has been suspended for the 2015-2016 school year.

  • A Classic Orton-Gillingham lesson to remediate reading, written expression, and spelling is a daily class every morning. Four students or less make up the groups which are homogeneous for phoneme knowledge.
  • English classes use multisensory teaching strategies with hand motions and manipulatives to offer concrete representation of grammar and written expression structure.
  • Written expression is a strong focus of the English classes. It is taught by breaking down the writing process into small steps with students keyboarding their writing.
  • Contemporary classic children's literature is read aloud to students for enjoyment and to teach literary analysis of the setting, characters, and plot.
  • Science classes are hands-on with clay models and craft sticks made to make concrete the scientific knowledge.
  • Social Studies classes use time lines, collages, role plays, clay models, posters, and schematic drawings to involve the students in multisensory learning.
  • Physical Education class meets daily for aerobics, stretching, skill building, and sports such as tag football, kickball, soccer, basketball, and track.
  • Art and computer classes meet on alternate days. Visual arts are stressed with a variety of drawing, sketching, painting, and crafts. Keyboarding, spreadsheet and data base are taught in computer classes.
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Putting the Plan into action


"Greenhills gave our daughter the nurturing and academic foundation, which allowed her to follow her dream."

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Zabel, Winston-Salem, NC

"Thank you, Mrs. Roth, for teaching me to read."

Daniel Hammon, Graduate, Brevard College, Brevard, NC