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Scientific Spelling I

Spelling does not have to be memorization. When all of the rules for English spelling are learned, it is 85% regular. These classes will teach you how to master English spelling and how to teach this knowledge to others.

Scientific Spelling I - One day workshop
8:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. (bring a bag lunch)
$100.00 fee

  • Three Great Rules for adding suffixes
  • Anglo-Saxon internal word spelling changes
  • The IE-EI generalization
  • The exceptions to these rules

The Three Great Rules are the major rules for adding suffixes to base words to form derivatives. These rules are The Doubling Rule, The Silent-E Rule, and The Y Rule.

The early words brought by Norman invaders to the British Isles in the days of the Saxons, Angles, and Jutes have some unique silent letters added to the sounds of k, ch, and j. These are the only internal word spelling changes and follow the same underlying principle.

The spelling of words containing ie and ei have many unique variations of sounds. These patterns and reasons can be articulated and mastered.

The Three Great Rules have some exceptions. Most of these exceptions have logical reasons for being and others can be mastered by the use of "Silly Sentences" with picture cues.
There is interactive practice, discussions, and lecture.

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